Did Niamh and Joe Break Up? Separating Facts from Fictions

People are talking about Joe and Niamh breaking up.

They used to be in a long-distance relationship, but now it seems like they have split.

Even though they are not together anymore, Joe’s recent outfits have been impressive.

People are invested in their relationship, especially those in the Dan and Phil fandom.

It seems like Joe, and Niamh have been apart for a while now.

It must be tough to deal with a breakup when everyone knows about your relationship.

This is not the first time they have broken up, either.

I remember seeing comments on Niamh’s posts asking where Joe was, and then she stopped posting pictures with him.

They seem to go through periods of being together and then breaking up.

I wonder if Joe was the one who broke up with Niamh. Some clues suggest they might have split.

Joe used to talk about making clothes for his girlfriend in his bio, but he changed it.

Also, their last photo together was posted two months ago.

It would be really sad if they’d broken up.

If you do not know about Joe and Niamh, let me tell you a bit about them.

They are a famous couple on TikTok, known for their cute relationship and their life in New York City.

Besides TikTok, Joe is an actor, and fashion designer who has worked with some big names.

Niamh is also successful on her own, with millions of followers across different platforms.

An image of Joe and Niamh
Joe and Niamh. Photo: Instagram.

Where do Joe and Niamh live?

Joe and Niamh live in New York City.

They are well known on TikTok for sharing their cute relationship and documenting their lives in the city.

How long have Niamh and Joe been dating?

Joe and Niamh have taken long breaks from posting together in the past.

Surprisingly, they have not revealed when they officially became a couple, but I found out some details.

Joe made his first appearance on Niamh’s Instagram in March 2022, when she showed off a jacket he made for her.

A few weeks later, Joe made it official on Instagram with Niamh by sharing a sweet photo and captioning it, “Being creative for the one I love.”

In a video on Niamh’s YouTube channel, she mentioned that they met through Joe’s brother and have been together ever since.



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