Did Moon and Tiko Break Up? What Led to Their Break Up?

Moon and Tiko, a popular TikTok couple from @moontell, announced their breakup, leaving fans feeling emotional.

In a video posted on October 17, 2023, Moon thanked their followers for three years of support, with Tiko beside her.

She sadly revealed that it would be their last video together and hoped for continued support in their journeys.

Tiko expressed gratitude to their fans and hoped they would not feel too bad about the split, as life had led them in different directions.

Moon and Tiko got married in September 2020.

Many of their fans were surprised and sad when they heard that Moon and Tiko had suddenly separated.

People enjoyed following them.

Now, people are curious about what will happen next.

Someone said they saw a post on social media confirming the split.

Others noticed that Moon seemed sad in the video.

People are guessing that Moon might have been the one to end the relationship.

Some are making jokes about it, but others are worried about their well-being.

Then someone said they heard that she was cheating on him.

An image of Moon and Tiko
Moon and Tiko. Photo: Tiktok.

Internet reacts to Moon and Tiko’s breakup

Fans were surprised and saddened by the sudden breakup announcement from Moon and Tiko, who tied the knot in September 2020.

While the couple did not give a reason for their split, many fans were shocked because they enjoyed their prank videos.

Moon, also known as Oanh Moon Nguyen, is Vietnamese-American, while Tiko is of white American descent.

Some viewers had long felt uneasy about Tiko’s behavior towards Moon, believing it to be condescending.

This led to speculation that Tiko’s actions, which appeared to be harmless pranks, might have contributed to the breakup.

What do Moon and Tiko do for a living?

Tiko is a well-known content creator and gaming YouTuber.

He earns money through various channels, including ad revenue from YouTube, sponsorships, paid promotions, and selling merchandise.

According to estimates from Social Blade, his monthly earnings range from $5.1K to $81.3K.

His estimated yearly earnings are $61K–$975.5K.

His estimated net worth is around $2.05 million, according to Net Worth Spot.

Moon is a well-known content creator.


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