Did Supa and Rayzor Break Up? What Led to Their Break Up

Raynell “Supa Cent” Steward is clearing things up about her recent breakup with her ex-fiancé Rayzor Breaux.

She says they both hurt each other physically, which was common in their relationship.

“I didn’t break up with Ray because of a small fight,” she explained. “We always fought. I broke up with him because he didn’t care about being respectful in public.”

On January 1, Supa Cent went on Instagram to talk about what led to their messy breakup.

She said she and Rayzor had a big argument on the side of the road that got physical.

This happened just two days after she announced they were no longer engaged and claimed that he dragged her down the highway.

“I’m a woman who will fight back. So I don’t think he just beat me up. I’m not scared of him or any man. No man is going to hit me without me hitting back.”

An image of Supa and Rayzor
Supa and Rayzor. Photo: Instagram.

Are Supa and Rayzor still together?

Supa Cent and her fiancé Rayzor Breaux are no longer together.

They got engaged in 2022 and were together for two years.

However, after their split, Supa Cent revealed that they are attending joint therapy sessions to work through their relationship issues.

The couple seems to be focusing on repairing their romance, but it’s unclear if their engagement is back on track.

Previously, Supa accused Rayzor of assaulting her, and both admitted to physical harm in their relationship.

Despite the breakup drama, they are now working towards healing and understanding each other better.

What happened between Supa and Rayzor?

Supa Accuses Rayzor Of Assault

On December 27, Supa went on Instagram to announce that she and Rayzor had broken up.

She didn’t say why they split, which left fans wondering what happened.

Rayzor then posted on Instagram too, confirming the breakup.

He said he “dodged a bullet” and “walked away clean.”

“I couldn’t ask for anything more. There is no dirt on my name, no scandal, no cheating. The only thing people can say is it didn’t work out,” he said. “I’m at peace with my decision. All smiles are thankful.”

Supa didn’t like his post.

She accused him of getting physical with her in the car.

In a comment on The Shade Room, she warned him not to “gaslight” her unless he wanted her to reveal more.

“I wish I had dodged those hits,” she wrote. “He’s acting like he didn’t just fight and drag me on the interstate. Don’t gaslight me before I spill the truth.”

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